Why Avocado Oil is Quickly Gaining Momentum in Natural Health Circles and Why YOU Should Add it to Your Diet

PLUS: The Oil Conspiracy "Big Food"

Doesn't Want You To Know About

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From the Mexico home of John Cawrse
Owner of Ava Jane’s Kitchen

Several months ago, while lunching at a taco stand...
A mysterious stranger handed me a bottle of oil.

This lush green oil -- which is cold pressed from "natures miracle fruit" (hint, not olives) -- would eventually make me rethink everything I thought I knew about fat, oil and healthy eating.

I couldn’t believe it at the time.

The stranger said, “This oil is packed with essential nutrients, minerals and even has the most important fats your body needs for peak health. In fact, it's better than extra virgin olive oils (EVOO) and nearly every cooking oil that exists.”

“And the best part? You can use it in almost any way you want. On fish, salads, stir-fry, BBQs and even baking.”

Now, I wasn't quite convinced...But after he explained the incredible facility where this oil was pressed...And why buying oils from the grocery store was downright dangerous...

I realized this guy was serious, and I had to try it.

And just like that...

I fell into the rabbit hole... saw the seedy underbelly of “Big Food” oil, and discovered the ugly truth about “good fats”

Oh, and I also became addicted to the delicious oil I was given that day... To kick off this story, I need to start here...

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Most everyone knows there's "good fat" and "bad fat".

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Bad fat - like “trans fats” can cause heart disease and obesity. That’s the kind of fat they put in snacks, baked goods and processed food - like fast food.

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Good fat - like EVOO, on the other hand - is super-healthy for you... and can actually help lower blood pressure, supply you with essential nutrients and even help you lose weight. That’s all good.

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Most “good fat” you buy at the grocery store (and even health-food stores) is actually not very healthy for you. In fact, some of it is even downright toxic. After really digging into this... I found that real, genuine, authentic “good fat” is really hard to find and expensive to buy.

And here’s what “Big Food” doesn’t want you to know. Our bodies need “good fat”. Without it, you’re at risk for a myriad of chronic diseases. You see, when you eat “good fat”... your body uses it to lower cholesterol, lower inflammation, and even prevent cancer!

One way it does this is by boosting your body’s ability to suck up way more nutrients than usual from the food you eat. (You actually only absorb a tiny fraction of nutrients when you eat vegetables without eating “good fat” with it).

The strange green oil I was given that afternoon at the taco joint in Sayulita, Mexico (where I live)... does exactly that. It helps you absorb nutrients in a way that other oils simply can’t.

I can guarantee that you’ve never heard of this “good fat” before.

I know I hadn’t...

By the way, I’m John Cawrse. I run a little company called Ava Jane’s Kitchen. We search the world for hard-to-find, healthy foods that are not available to the average American.

I also have a near obsessive passion for uncovering the real truth behind the food we eat. And...


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On a surf trip to Mexico a few years ago with his family, John Cawrse fell in love with organic, hand-harvested sea salt produced by local entrepreneurs called “salineros” (salt-farmers).

And ever since, he’s been obsessed with searching the world and sharing these unique, healthy, and artisan foods with people across America (and the world)... including his latest venture...

... premium, cold-pressed, extra-virgin avocado oil... delivered fresh, right to your doorstep.



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Let’s get back to that sunny afternoon.

The taco joint was called Itacate.

Itacate is a little “hole-in-the-wall” place that serves up some truly phenomenal meat and vegetarian tacos. All natural ingredients. The chef prepares your food fresh... right there, in front of you. I probably end up eating there at least a couple of times a week.

Anyway, at one point my friends and I were chatting about business. Then out of nowhere, a random stranger from the next table leaned over and asked a question..

“Hey, are you guys on a sales trip or something?”

He said his name was Andrew from New Zealand (of all places) and he’d just arrived in town with his family.

Stranger yet... he started rambling on about trying to sell avocado oil in the USA. He said avocado oil was one of the world’s most flavorful, versatile and healthiest oils.

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Huh... AVOCADO oil? You mean that green, buttery fruit you make guacamole with? Yeah, OK. I’ve never heard of that before...

We talked for a while, and he pulled a bottle of oil out of his backpack, handed it to me and asked me to try it. The bottle was tinted dark, so you couldn’t really see what was inside.

I was skeptical... But no harm in trying, I figured.

A few days later, a couple families (including my daughter Ava and her schoolmate) headed out for a vacation -- a couple weeks of hanging out on the beach with the kids and having a good time. I tucked the bottle of avocado oil in my bag.

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To start, we grilled some fresh fish
with it on the BBQ.

(Turns out this oil has a high smoke point, which
makes it perfect for high heat cooking.)

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We dipped fresh bread in it along with a little salt and pepper.
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We drizzled it over a salad
as dressing.
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And then... it was gone. I couldn’t believe it.

So green, so luxurious. The taste was unlike anything I’d ever had before...

But can it really be as HEALTHY as that New Zealander made it out to be?
Could it really be better than EVOO?

I had to find out.

So I decided to do some serious research. That’s when I found myself in some “heavy” stuff...




You've probably heard things like...

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images not foundHow vegetable oils don’t have any “bad fat” in them...

images not foundHow nut and seed oils are full of “good fats”...

images not foundOr how we need to get as many Omega 6s and 3s as possible for a healthy lifestyle.

Trouble is...


Hidden beneath millions of dollars in advertising, lobbying, and misinformation lurks a dangerous truth...



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Now, we all know about how bad trans fat is for us... How it’s almost universally used in snacks, baked goods, stick margarine, and a whole bunch of other processed foods.

We know how it’s a chemically “corrupted” fat that’s both highly addictive and devastating to our health...

How the Harvard School of Public Health says trans fats may be responsible for 30,000 deaths each year. And, we know that because of public backlash against this deadly fat, food manufacturers are switching to healthier alternatives.

Nobody questions this.


Food producers are just swapping out the trans fat with other chemically altered fats... the most common of which is technically referred to as “interesterified” fat. That’s a long, scary word, isn’t it?

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Next time you’re shopping for snacks, baked goods, or even salad dressing, take a look at the label. If it says “fully hydrogenated vegetable oil”, “palm oil”, or even just “vegetable oil”... there’s a good chance that’s “interesterified” fat.

And if that sounds like a chemical cooked up in a laboratory... that’s because, it is. In fact, many researchers are saying that this new fat is...

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Because these fats have been chemically altered from what’s in nature, the body can’t process them properly. And they cause a whole range of nasty side-effects like obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. So even foods labeled “trans fat free” can be just as dangerous.

Thankfully, we can avoid them by cooking fresh food in our own kitchens or eating at restaurants that don’t use processed foods. We can turn to other “natural” vegetable, seed and nut oils... oils like canola, sunflower, or peanut oil. These oils are loaded with what’s called polyunsaturated fats... the most common of which are Omega 6s and Omega 3s.

And these fats are actually very important to your body. They’re fundamental building blocks for your cells as well as being a key source of energy.

In fact, a study published in the Journal of Internal Medicine even found that the consumption of Omega 3s lowered people’s blood pressure.

Since your body can’t produce these fats on its own, you have to get them from your food.

However, there’s a problem with the polyunsaturated fat found in most cooking oil...

Because big cooking oil manufacturers use crops that are cheap in mass quantities, almost all vegetable oils have an unbalanced ratio of Omega 6s to Omega 3s... going up to 40:1 and even beyond.

What happens is that your body creates a lot of “sparks” (known as free radicals) when it burns Omega 6s without the “spark control” of a near equal amount of Omega 3s.

Unchecked, these free radicals go on to cause a whole bunch of unwanted consequences like inflammation, increased blood pressure, decreased immune response, and cancer.

You have to supplement vegetable oil with high amounts of extra Omega 3s from other sources.

However, there’s another big problem with polyunsaturated fat...


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Left for extended periods in storage... on the shelves of grocery stores or in your cupboard... it starts going bad. And to make it worse, polyunsaturated fats also “oxidize” whenever you heat them up (i.e. 99% of the time you go to cook with them). That means the oil breaks down into “undesirable” and carcinogenic (cancer-causing) components.

To combat this, almost all of the cooking oil you buy in stores gets “refined”. On the surface, this sounds innocent enough... like they’re just removing impurities and other non-essential ingredients.

But really...



To start, the oil gets “washed” with chemicals like NaOH (a corrosive base used to burn open clogged sinks and drain pipes) and H3PO4 (a highly corrosive acid used commercially for degreasing windows). This strips away all kinds of natural vitamins, nutrients, and anti-oxidants that your body needs for good health. Next, the oil gets “scorched” at temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit in order to deodorize it (i.e. remove any trace of the “rancid” smell). And this extreme heat...

To start, the oil gets “washed” with chemicals like NaOH (a corrosive base used to burn open clogged sinks and drain pipes) and H3PO4 (a highly corrosive acid used commercially for degreasing windows).

This strips away all kinds of natural vitamins, nutrients, and anti-oxidants that your body needs for good health.

Next, the oil gets “scorched” at temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit in order to deodorize it (i.e. remove any trace of the “rancid” smell). And this extreme heat...

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Source: https://giphy.com/gifs/87dO7wL8mTYzK/html5

Up to 1% of the molecules in the oil (something you eat every day) are turned toxic. Researchers have tested these toxic molecules and found that in too great a quantity they lead to cancer, coronary heart failure, and even death.

So why do oil producers do all of this?

Two words... shelf life.

Natural oil is just like any other fresh food. Over long periods of time, light and oxygen break the oil down, and the oil starts going bad.

Sure, there are ways to extend the life-span of natural oils. But why bother with that hassle? By chemically stripping away all the healthy vitamins an`d nutrients from the oil, it becomes “stable”. And it can last for AGES on the shelf.

In the end, it’s comes down to choosing...


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It’s “expensive” to process oil using advanced technology that protects it from light and oxygen.

It’s “expensive” to package the oil in packaging that blocks light and keeps the oil fresh longer.

It’s “expensive” to use high quality raw ingredients and not just throw in whatever they want to (since it’s all going to get refined anyways).

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So most corporations simply go with the cheaper route. They refine the oil to death. They sell a bland, potentially toxic oil in cheap, plastic bottles. And they rake in the profits.

The only problem is... the cost doesn’t disappear. It just gets passed along to the end user... to us. We end up paying a steep price in terms of poor health, disease, and even death

So how do we avoid all of these bad fats? Well, I’ll show you exactly what genuine “good fat” is in a moment. But first...



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Fat is a structural component for many of your body’s cells... an essential building block so to speak. In fact, fat is the second most abundant substance in the human body (after water)... including in people who are fully healthy and fit.

Just as importantly, fat is the “fuel” for your body’s inner fire. Your body burns it to give you energy for day-to-day living...

And when you eat “bad fat”, it’s like trying to put water in your car’s gas tank and expecting everything to run smoothly. Without the right fuel, your body just doesn’t operate properly.

Your body depends on “good fat” to stay healthy. But beyond that “good fats” also...

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The body typically can only absorb a small fraction of the nutrients found in fresh fruit, salads, and vegetables. A huge percentage of these nutrients get “wasted” because our diet doesn’t let us absorb them.

Part of that is because many of these healthy nutrients (such as Vitamins A, D, E, and K) are what are called “fat soluble”. That means the body can only absorb them in the presence of fat.

A Purdue University study found that eating salad with dressings high in “good fats” greatly boosted the body’s ability to absorb cancer-fighting nutrients and other vitamins from the vegetables.

With 60% of Americans deficient in one or more essential nutrients, such “good fats” may offer a much-needed “support” to our health.


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The leading “good fat” is what’s called monounsaturated fat.

Featuring prominently in the Mediterranean diet (which many doctors praise as increasing lifespan and reducing chronic health problems)... this good fat provides a powerful source of energy to your body. And it’s a vital component in the structure of your cells and membranes.

Consider a recent study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that found getting enough monounsaturated fat can boost your metabolism and help with weight loss.

The same study also found that monounsaturated fat can even affect your mood... decreasing anger and anxiety.

Whoa! Did you get that? Eating a diet balanced with monounsaturated fat can actually make you feel happier!

How do you ensure your diet has an abundance of good fats? Well, there are...

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The best oils are high in monounsaturated fat and low in polyunsaturated fat.

The best oils are high in monounsaturated fat
and low in polyunsaturated fat.


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The first is extra-virgin olive oil.

In many ways, EVOO is a great oil. It’s got a nice percentage of the “good fats” (like monounsaturated fat) and has low amounts of the “bad fats”. And as “extra-virgin” it’s one of the few oils that’s “unrefined”.

Unfortunately, depending on the quality of the EVOO, it may have a lower heat tolerance than other oils. And with some high temperature cooking (such as for BBQ's or pan-searing meat and vegetables)... it can start to burn.

And as it burns, the oil breaks down, giving off cancer-causing chemicals and toxins.

Yet there’s actually another big problem with olive oil...

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images not found69% OF EVOO IS FAKE!!!images not found

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Source: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2014/01/24/opinion/food-chains-extra-virgin-suicide.html

When you start reading about what really goes on in the olive oil industry, it can feel kind of like you’re in the middle of a TV series on the mafia...

Criminals bribing politicians and police officers...

Smugglers sneaking oil into Italy under the cover of darkness...

Factories tossing in food coloring and other “unknown”

chemicals to make their oil appear “real”... and then stamping any label they feel like on the bottle...

Except, you’re not in a TV series. It’s really happening!

A recent New York Times exposé shared how a group of independent researchers tested and analyzed a whole bunch of olive oils. And guess what?

Those researchers found that the oil in seven out of every ten bottles DIDN’T MATCH THE LABEL! Whether it’s refined, cut with other oils, or has a bunch of other stuff like food coloring in it, most EVOO is a fraud!

Now sure, the olive oil industry disputes this.

But follow-up investigations have also uncovered lots of fake EVOO (between 46% and 55%).

And Italian police recently seized 7,000 TONS of fake olive oil in a single raid.Yikes!

Point is…

It's near-impossible to know if the olive oil you're getting at the supermarket is genuine or not. And to get real EVOO, you’d have to fly to Italy, buy it at a high end gourmet store, or pour through research and reports to find one locally available.

The second healthy oil is
coconut oil.

It’s a pretty decent oil... It comes low in “rancid” polyunsaturated fats. It’s easy to get it unrefined. And it has a slightly higher smoke point than EVOO (350 °F).

Most of the fat in coconut oil is saturated fat rather than monounsaturated fat.

Saturated fats aren’t bad, just incomplete! You still need a good source of monounsaturated fatty acids, like EVOO or EVAO.

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Also, it's solid at room temperature making it tough for salad dressings or drizzling over foods, yet the real challenge with coconut oil is..

The taste of coconut overpowers delicate dishes!

That’s great for certain dishes like Thai food or for some baking. But what about fried eggs? Or for lightly sautéed vegetables? Or over a fresh tossed salad?

No, thank you.

The final healthy oil I looked at in my research is
extra-virgin avocado oil (or EVAO for short)

The mysterious oil that Andrew gave me. And what I found blew me away.

EVAO may just be...

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Avocado oil naturally comes packed with over 20 different vitamins and minerals... including Vitamin E, which boosts your immune system and magnesium, which researchers say helps your muscles move and aids in losing weight

But even more powerful than the many nutrients in the oil itself is it’s ideal fat profile that helps you absorb maximum nutrition from the other foods you eat.

Take carrots for example. You may have heard how they’re good for your eyes. That’s because they have a bunch of super-nutrients called carotenoids that have been shown to lower the risk of heart disease, cancer, and blindness.

Problem is... your body can’t absorb these effectively on its own.

But studies have found that avocado increases your body’s ability to absorb carotenoids by 7 to 15 times!

Then there’s the flavor of avocado oil. Soft, delicate, not too strong... the flavor enhances rather than overpowers your food. You can use it for just about ANYTHING... salad dressing, sautéing, grilling, or for dipping.

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And to cap it all off, EVAO has a high smoke point of 480 °F. That makes it perfect for grilling or pan-searing meats and vegetables. Less smoke. Less carcinogenic chemicals.

Now, all my research left me stunned. I simply had to find out more about this avocado oil. Right away, I picked up the phone and dialed Andrew.

And a short while later, my family and I packed our bags and headed to Ciudad Guzman for...



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Rows of avocado trees can be seen growing on the flanks of the volcano on our drive to the facility. Everything is green and alive. And already, I can tell there is something special about the way Andrew and his team care for EVERY single detail.

Each tree is irrigated, guaranteeing it gets just the right amount of water throughout the year

And, workers keep the trees smaller than in other orchards I’d seen. (Andrew’s team shared later that pruning the trees to stay less than six feet tall lets the workers care for and harvest them all by hand.)

Andrew’s team is waiting for me when we arrive. “Welcome to Guzman,” they tell us.

After a few introductions, they walk us into the plant’s conference room.

On a table sits five clear, glass bottles of avocado oil. Four of them have a pale, golden-white color... just like most oil you find in the grocery store. The fifth bottle, however, is a deep, rich green.

My daughter Ava picks it up to see if the glass is tinted. It isn’t. The color comes purely from the oil.

“That’s our oil,” one of the main plant supervisors says. And as he talks, it quickly becomes apparent that...

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“Most of it is low-grade stuff,” he shares. “People will take the bruised and damaged fruits... the leftover scraps... and then press it.

“Or, maybe they do start with a decent quality avocado, but they’re not careful in their process. They don’t press and process the oil in a way that keeps the healthy nutrients from breaking down.

“Then, of course, you’re left with a poor quality oil. So you have to refine it.

“Wait... Just like all those other junk cooking oils?”

“Yeah, same process.

“It’s a small industry, making avocado oil. And no one else is interested in taking the effort or paying the expense to really produce a high-grade oil.

“OK, that’s not quite true. There’s maybe a handful of small producers who make a good oil. Though they really only sell it locally. You can’t find it anywhere.”

“Interesting. So what makes an oil ‘high-grade’?”

“It’s actually not all that complicated. In fact, there are...

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I checked out all kinds of gourmet food stores, grocery stores, and discount food chains to see if they sold avocado oil.

Some did. Except, ALL of it’s refined or low-grade oil. Here’s a photo comparing Ava’s Premium Avocado Oil (right) to other “leading” brands of avocado oil. I’ll stick with fresh-pressed, unrefined EVAO, thank you very much.

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“You’ve got to have the right fruit. You’ve got to have the right process. And then you have got to have the right technology.

“Here, let me show you what I mean,” he says, leading us out of the conference room into what I expect to be the floor of the processing facility.

But it it’s not. It’s a washing station.

We put on hairnets. (Ava kept giggling about getting to wear one of these.) We take off our watches and jewelry. We wipe our shoes down with a special hospital-grade cleaner. And finally, we wash our hands with soap... twice.

I feel like a doctor going into a surgery. Only, I don’t think they even wash up this much.

Once we pass inspection, we’re allowed to enter the main processing plant. And it is...





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The room was white and sparkling, just like a high-end medical lab. I couldn’t find a single spec of dirt anywhere. And the floor was so clean I’d be fine eating off of it. Of course, they wouldn’t allow that since it would get the floor dirty.

“As I was saying,” the supervisor says, “You need to be rigorous in all aspects of making the oil. We take things very seriously here.”

He walks over to a small container of fresh avocados, pulls one out and hands it to me.

It’s perfectly ripe... no different than the ones I’d cut up to make guacamole with back home.

“We start with the best avocados. It’s just like making a fresh fruit salad. The end result is only as good as the quality of ingredients. You can use unripe fruit... or overripe fruit... or bruised and damaged fruit. But it just won’t turn out the same.

“So we make sure each avocado is just at the point of perfect ripeness before we process it. Not a moment earlier. Not a moment after.”

We continue walking.

“The next requirement is having the right process and following it. ”

“This is a brand new facility using the latest and most advanced oil producing methods. Even still, we’ve already made all kinds of adjustments and tweaks to improve our systems. We’re always on the lookout for new and better ways of doing...”

The supervisor stops suddenly.

“Oh wait, you’ve got to see this...”, he says, pointing.

I watch as whole, ripe avocados move along a series of roller brushes... water jets pushing away any trace of dust or foreign particles. Then the avocados disappear into another room.

“What happens next?” Ava asks.

“Well, seconds later, another machine strips away the skins and seeds, leaving behind the soft, green flesh of the avocados.

“Pretty neat, right?” he says with a grin.

We nod.

“See, we only use the part of the fruit that you would normally eat,” the supervisor says as we start to walk again.


“Anyways, as I was telling you earlier, the final requirement for good oil is the technology.

“See, the main two enemies of good oil are oxygen and light. They break down the healthy nutrients in the oil.

“So we’ve adapted our technology to minimize that exposure.

That’s why you can’t actually see the oil being made,” he says pointing to where the avocados disappeared. “It’s enclosed to protect the oil through the whole process. Not a single human hand touches it. Everything’s 100% automated.

“Maybe a bit more expensive that way, but we find the results are worth the cost.

We walk to the next secure room -- to the other side of the oil pressing process. A neat row of packaged bottles roll past on a conveyor... each of them capped, sealed, and full of green, luxurious avocado oil.

The supervisor tells me to wait up a moment and walks over to one of the workers packing the oil into boxes. After a brief conversation, he cracks a joke and they both break out laughing. Returning to me with a chuckle, he hands me a bottle of oil.

“Thank you! Though it probably won’t last long. We flew through the last bottle!”


From Finish to Start

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Nothing goes to waste. At the nearby “worm farm”, California red worms eat the leftover paste, pits, and skins from the oil production process... leaving behind a rich, nutrient-dense fertilizer.

Bringing the cycle full circle, it returns to the soil to give an extra boost of nourishment for the next avocado harvest

“I know, at our house we use it for all kind of things. Salad dressing several times a week. (We just mix it up right on the spot.) Stir-fried vegetables. Grilled steak. You can drizzle it over just about anything...”

“Have you tried it with fish?”

“I have. Pan seared on the stove with salt and lemon. Really nice.”

“Yeah, the fish was Ava’s favorite.

“I bet you could probably even put this oil on ice-cream, couldn’t you?”

“Actually, did you know that Brazilians use avocados for just that?”

“No way!”

“Yeah, they eat it with ice-cream...

“The great thing about avocado oil is it’s got such a smooth delicate flavor... a touch nutty even... that it goes with everything really. It doesn’t overpower your food. You could totally pour it over ice-cream!”

We head back toward the conference room, and I reflect over what I’ve seen... the pride each team member has for their work... the attention to detail... everything, really. I simply had to know more about the craftsman behind it all. So I ring up Andrew... and our conversation turns to the beginning... to what happened with...



images not found images not found

“So why avocado oil? What made you realize this was actually something worth doing?” I ask.

“Well, initially my thought was to produce olive oil. My business partner and I had done a bunch of research on how the best olive oil was made. We’d even looked at importing a press from Italy.

But the problem with olive oil is it has a short harvest time. So you’d make this big investment in the press, and then you’d only use it one week a year... maybe two weeks at the most. It just didn’t make economic sense.

Anyway, one day I was at the pharmacy waiting for a prescription. I was browsing around to kill the time and noticed a shelf of aromatherapy oils. And on the shelf was a tiny bottle of avocado oil.”

‘Huh?’ I thought to myself. Avocados are the second largest crop in our region (in New Zealand). And besides that, the harvest season lasts for several months.

So I went back home and did a ton of research. And I ended up getting some avocados from a nearby orchard, borrowing a friend’s oil press, and making a small batch of avocado oil.”

“What happened?”

“Well, we sent it to the lab for some testing. And apparently, nobody had ever tried making a high-grade avocado oil before. Everything else was just low-grade stuff. Because we hear back a few days later that...



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“They’d never seen an oil with such a PERFECT profile of fats. You know, way more healthy fats compared to unhealthy fats. It completely surpassed any of the other avocado oils they’d seen. And was even superior to the olive oils they’d been testing.

“So that was enough encouragement for my business partner and I to order the Italian press. And we were in full production about six weeks later.”

“And you’ve been doing it ever sense?”

“I have. You know, there’s just something about creating a special product for people. Something fully sustainable and natural. Something that will make a real difference in people’s health.

“And I have to say I’ve been pretty fortunate too. I’ve gotten to consult for a lot of different avocado oil producers. We’re a small and relatively new industry, and it’s fun to have been there from the beginning.”

As I’m sitting there, I reflect over everything I’d seen. Andrew has created something truly extraordinary.

The level of care and craft he puts into every detail blew me away. And his commitment to producing an oil that was completely natural, really healthy for you, and stunningly delicious was awe-inspiring.

Now, Andrew’s a pretty humble guy... someone you could genuinely call “down-to-earth”. But as we talked more, I could tell he was incredibly proud of what he’d built.

The way he could talk on and on about the little details of the process... The way his eyes lit up when explaining how healthy the oil was... The excitement in his voice when he told me all the different uses for avocado oil...

He was, without a doubt...


Hearing Andrew’s passion for avocado oil... for creating a truly
exceptional product that genuinely improves people’s health...
I fell completely in love with it all.
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Surely there was a reason we’d met in that chance encounter at Itacate, the taco stand back in Sayulita, Mexico.

I thought about how fate had brought us together.

And I just knew... somehow, someway I simply HAD to get this luxurious, green, and “oh-so-good-for-you” oil to as many people as possible.

Andrew had an amazing product. But he needed someone on the ground in North America who knew about distribution... someone who had experience selling premium, healthy products to the USA.

Now -- in a separate life, I distribute organic hand-harvested salt to the USA. So I knew how to do this.

It was a perfect match.

So Andrew and I talked it over and signed a deal. He agreed to produce our avocado oil for us.

Here’s how you can get...

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I LOVE my Ava Jane's Avocado Oil. I started out saving it for special occasions, but now I use for everything. Love the taste, love the way it heats.

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Testimonial for: Ava Jane's Kitchen 10/8/2015.

Rating: 5 of 5 by WaterGoddess

The avocado oil is so good - and good for me - I confess to eating way too much French bread to dip it in! I have even dipped pretzels and tortilla chips in the oil. Delish!

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Testimonial for: Ava Jane's Kitchen 8/15/2015.

Rating: 5 of 5 by Nancy Horton

I can't believe the difference this avocado oil makes in and on all the foods we have used it on. I have had great customer service as well. I plan to stay with Ava Jane's Kitchen as long as they will let me.

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Testimonial for: Ava Jane's Kitchen 8/14/2015.

Rating: 5 of 5 by Robyn Cummings

The avocado oil is wonderful--the option to change the number of bottles received, without stopping the delivery is a wonderful

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Testimonial for: Ava Jane's Kitchen 8/10/2015.

Rating: 5 of 5 by Yvette Egel

I have always had a positive experience with you guys. Anything I've asked, I've always gotten an answer right away or changes were made. Thank you.

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Testimonial for: Ava Jane's Kitchen 8/9/2015.

Rating: 5 of 5 by Zina Worley

I recently received Ava Jane's Kitchen's new offering of their Avocado Oil. Absolutely to DIE for!!! Completely used up already and can hardly wait for my next order to arrive. Keep up the excellent offerings.

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Testimonial for: Ava Jane's Kitchen 6/28/2015.

Rating: 5 of 5 by Helen McCarey




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Ava Jane’s Kitchen and I invite you to become a founding member of Ava’s Premium Avocado Oil Club – a quarterly subscription to the world’s healthiest and tastiest cooking oil.

Every three months, just weeks after the avocados have been picked, ripened and pressed, we’ll ship you a collection of our best oil... right to your doorstep.

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Inside each package, you’ll find 2 or 4, 8.45 oz bottles of fresh pressed extra-virgin avocado oil for use on salads, roasted vegetables, barbecues, and more.

And to help you enjoy and savor these delightful oils we’ve partnered with Amy Hunter...

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It all started years ago when our daughter Ava started cooking with her Nana in the kitchen (wearing her little apron, making a big mess, and beaming a massive smile).

Generations of love and delicious healthy recipes were handed down to Ava.

We created Ava Jane’s Kitchen to share our latest passion: fresh pressed, extra-virgin avocado oil, with you. It’s rich color, cooking versatility, health benefits, and delicious flavor come from the best avocados on earth.

We believe good food creates a good life, and we guarantee you will love to share our authentic farm to table product with family and friends. Food is Love.


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Amy’s recipes have been featured in several major health and natural foods website (such as the Paleo Plan and Skinny Ms). Her recipes help over 20,343 people (every single week) create tasty and nutritious meals at home.

Her focus on healthy, whole food ingredients and dislike of processed food made her the perfect match for our avocado oil.

With your first quarterly package, you’ll receive six gourmet recipes to download (complete with stunning photographs and easy-to-follow instructions) of new and interesting ideas for how to use your luxurious, delicious avocado oil.

Amy will also walk you through how exactly to best use avocado oil in an exclusive, six-week email course, “How to Cook Healthy with Avocado Oil”.

Finally, every other week, you’ll receive a fresh, new recipe from Amy along with tips and tricks for eating healthy.

I can’t wait to hear how YOU use the oil to create healthy, delightful dishes for your friends and family.

That’s why, I invite you to...

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As you’re reading this, we’re just starting to press our first few batches. And we want you to access this stunning oil at the best possible price.

Now, it takes 18-20 perfectly ripe avocados to make one of our bottles of extra-virgin avocado oil. That's equivalent to around $40. Not to mention the cost of the bottle and production.

But you’re getting two bottles of extra-virgin avocado oil here. That’s a value of at least $80.

However -- membership in Ava’s Premium Avocado Oil Club is only $50 per quarter. In other words, you save $120 over the course of a year

But I still felt that wasn’t the best value I could give you today.

Because this is a new service we’re offering here at Ava Jane’s Kitchen...

I am going to offer you Founding Membership in Ava’s Premium Avocado Oil Club. That means you’ll be recognized as one of our first customers on our website (if you choose)... and you get to lock in a lifetime membership fee of only $39.98 per quarter, that's 2 bottles (plus shipping and handling).

There is no minimum number of quarters for which you must enroll, and you may cancel your membership at any time via email.

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But we are limiting Founding Membership to only 500 new members. Once those seats are filled, you will not see this page again, and all new members can only enroll at the $50/quarter membership fee.

But wait -- I’m going to take this one step further...

I understand I’m asking you to take a leap of faith here. You’ve never tried this oil before. How will you know if you like it? I get that.

And that’s why, instead of asking you to commit to ANYTHING right now, I would like to send you...

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100% FREE!!!

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Here’s what you have to do to get your free gift. Simply pay for shipping and handling... and I’ll ship you a a bottle of our finest, healthiest extra-virgin avocado oil straight to your doorstep within seven days for free.

This is a 45-day trial. After 45 days, I will automatically ship your next 2 bottles to your door and 2 bottles every 90 days after that.

Take your time to taste, test, and enjoy your avocado oil.

If you love it, do nothing and your next order will come automatically.

If you don't love it, just respond to any email from us letting us know you do not want to continue.

There is no minimum for this membership. You can always put your subscription on hold when needed. I only want to send you avocado oil that is you can use.

Your satisfaction is my highest priority. And that’s why every shipment is backed with...

100% Nana Approved!

100% Nana Approved! Our obsession with good food all starts with Nana (Ava’s grandmother).

Nana brings care and love to everything she does -- be it tending to her garden, taking you on a long hike, and most of all... going “all out” in cooking up tasty, wholesome meals for family.

Family time is sacred. From Nana, we’ve come to cherish the delight of fresh, nutritious food... enjoyed in the company of those you love. And we’re proud to include Nana’s complete seal of approval on every single bottle of EVAO we send you.

Who will you share your bottle with?

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Quite simply, if you don’t fall in love with the extra-virgin avocado oil we send you... just send it
back for a full refund . No questions asked.

And please, take your time cooking, tasting, and enjoying our oil. There’s no 30 day, 60 day, or even
90 day deadline. This guarantee is lifetime.

“Fall In Love With This Oil Or Get Your Money Back”

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Our Guarantee in Action

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12/15/2015 7:04 am

Hello. Unfortunately, my family and I are not huge fans of the flavor of the avocado oil. How do I go about cancelling my membership

Sincerely, Dr. Sherry M.
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Elai - Ava Jane’s Kitchen Member Services

12/15/2015 8:25 am

Hello Sherry

As per your request, I have set your membership to inactive. This means that you will not receive anymore oil from us.

Thank you for being a valued member of Ava Jane's Avocado Oil Club

Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you—I'm happy to help.

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12/15/2015 12:11 pm

Thank you for handling my request quickly and efficiently

Dr. Sherry M.


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The avocado harvest in Mexico happens nearly year round.

However, as Andrew told me, there are certain “peak windows” where the avocados have a particularly high amount of excellent fats in them.

And processing avocados at these specific times a year yields the most superior quality oil.

So to ensure an adequate supply of oil for all our members, and to ensure you’re getting the absolute freshest and healthiest avocado oils possible, we only openning Ava’s Premium Avocado Oil Club to new members for a short period 2-4 times a year.

If you’re seeing this webpage now, that means you’re invited.

But act quickly, because the invitation will only remain open for a short period.

Yours Healthily,

John Cawrse

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PS: There’s something I forgot to mention about the little town of Sayulita (where I first learned about Andrew’s healthy and delicious extra-virgin avocado oil). You see, not long ago, my wife and I decided to go “all in” and move to this lovely town.

What finally made us do it is the Costa Verde International School, a non-profit school that parents started here.

The student body is an even 40/60 mix of international expat and local Mexican children. Over 40% of the student body receives a scholarship to attend.

It’s great. The classroom size is about 14 kids per teacher. It goes up to grade nine, and we’ve attracted some amazing teachers.

The reason I bring this up is to let you know that a percentage of each bottle of Ava’s Premium Avocado Oil goes to the Costa Verde Scholarship Fund. This helps another local Sayulita child with an opportunity he or she wouldn’t get otherwise.

Personally, I think this oil should be in every person’s home for all the good that it does.


45-Day Trial


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  • Membership In 45 Days
  • 2 Bottles Per Quarter
  • One Per Customer
  • Easy Cancel Via Email
  • 1 Full-Size 8.45 oz Bottle
  • AVG Shipping in US $9
  • 1 Bottle FREE
  • (Bonus) How To Cook Healthy
  • (Bonus) 7 Healthy Recipes
90-Day Trial


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  • Membership In 90 Days
  • 2 Bottles Per Quarter
  • One Per Customer
  • Easy Cancel Via Email
  • 2 Full-Size 8.45 oz Bottle
  • AVG Shipping in US $9
  • Buy 1 get 1 FREE
  • (Bonus) How To Cook Healthy
  • (Bonus) 7 Healthy Recipes


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Is The Oil Organic? Is It Non-GMO?

We love organic avocado oil but our oil is not organic.

Reliable sources of organic avocados are difficult to find here in Mexico and are extremely expensive. Our avocados are not organic, however, we hope to have at least one organic orchard in the future.

You might find it interesting that avocados are the #1 fruit/vegetable on the Environmental Working Group's Clean Fifteen list.

They found that "Avocados were the cleanest: only 1 percent of avocado samples showed any detectable pesticides."

Our avocados are non-GMO.

What Are My Membership Options?

Our goal is to provide you with just enough of the freshest avocado oil, not to fill your pantry with unused bottles.

Once you have become a member, you may find that you need to request an update to your membership.

These are the options you may request:

  • Increase my membership by 2 bottles.
  • Decrease my membership by 2 bottles.
  • Skip the next delivery.
  • Delivery every 6 months instead of every 3 months.
Why Can't I Just Buy A Bottle When I Need It?

Ava Jane's Kitchen is a very small, family owned company.

When we launched, we had no idea if we would sell even one bottle of avocado oil.

We press just enough oil for for our members each quarter.

Our goal is to bring you amazing products. We can't do this if we go out of business. The membership model allows us to grow sustainably and stay in business.

Sometimes, if we have extra bottles, we offer a free trial bottle to attract new members.

If I Order The Trial Bottle, Am I A Member?


Our trial offer is risk-free, you may cancel at anytime via email.

Your credit card will be charged again in either 45 or 90 days.

    • Only members may continue to purchase our oil.
    • Membership is limited.
    How Much Is Shipping And Handling?

    Shipping costs are dependent on your address. Our average shipping and handling fee is $9 in the U.S

    It seems crazy but the difference between shipping 1 bottle vs. 4 bottles is about 50¢.


    I was one of the very lucky ones to receive the first of the emails offering Ava Jane's avocado oil. I ordered it and received it in the most protective and safe wrapping -- wrapped in a cloth inside a strong, heavy tube, inside the shipping box. What a true gift it turned out to be! This oil is luscious and rich and pure and a little goes a long way. It is deep green in color and its taste smooth and heavenly and I used it in so many recipes from salad dressings to a splash on walnut and cheese salad (w/greens). Not only is it healthy but I've continued to lose weight and the joints in my hands are benefiting from it by not remaining inflamed! So, try this fantastic pure oil and you will see how creamy it makes potatoes and dressings, and how rich it makes all food taste AND it is not that supermarket supposedly "pure" evoo. THIS IS EVAO!

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    Testimonial for: Ava Jane's Kitchen 11/19/2015.

    Rating: 5 of 5 by Louise McCarthy

    I am always looking to find quality & healthy items to add to my diet. I ran across Ava Jane's Kitchen link for Avocado Oil and decided to give it a try. When I received it, I noticed the website listed and checked it out. I was so pleased to find some recipes here to get started with my new oil. Since my oil came around July 4th, I decided to try the recipe for the Arugula Watermelon Salad. We had dinner guests that night and it was the talk of the evening! I LOVE this oil from the quality to the light texture, and knowing I am getting a healthy fat in my body makes it a total win. Really enjoying everything about this oil from the bottle to the recipes! Thank you for this amazing quality oil to work with in the kitchen!

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    Testimonial for: Ava Jane's Kitchen 9/3/2015.

    Rating: 5 of 5 by Charlene McGough

    Ava Jane's avocado oil is amazing. I've tried other brands in the store when I was out of oil, trying to save pennies, whatever. Most others don't even seem like they are avocado oil, when compared to AJK, so I don't fool around with other brands anymore. I haven't cooked with it yet, but I've made a few different fantastic salad dressings, my favorite being one that came in an Ava Jane's Kitchen e-mail. If you haven't tried it yet, get on board. Thanks AJK!!

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    ADAM C

    Testimonial for: Ava Jane's Kitchen 11/4/2015.

    Rating: 5 of 5 by Adam C

    We are cautioned about the state of "oil in a Bottle". Your product came in a most carefully boxed and protected fashion. I so loved how I can use it in high temperature cooking, like a saute'. I enjoyed the flavor and the way it is good in any application of cooking. I must have more:)

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    Testimonial for: Ava Jane's Kitchen 8/9/2015.

    Rating: 5 of 5 by Winnie Darbonne